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From Marketing to UX Design

My solid foundation in CX design combined with my passion for user-centric experience, has sparked a strong interest in pursuing a career in UX design.

My extensive expertise has proven invaluable in optimizing user journeys, driving exceptional conversion rates, and addressing critical market challenges such as establishing a strong online presence, extending dwell time, attracting customers and new markets, building a strong brand identity, and standing out in a competitive market.


With a mix of leveraging my strategic insights and strong collaboration with coworkers and cross-functional teams, I've managed to actively contribute to craft captivating and intuitive digital interfaces, while also creating immersive physical experiences that leave a lasting impact, offering increased exposure and visibility.

This unique blend of skills and experience empowers me to design comprehensive and effective user experiences that seamlessly merge the physical and digital spheres.


I would be thrilled to know more about you, and start creating functional designs for your users, so feel free to reach out to me!



UX Research
Web Design
Visual Communication
Brand Development
CX Design
Crafting persona
User Interviews
Design Systems


Empathizing with users
Connecting with people
Working with cross functional team
Detailed oriented
Problem solving mindset


Business Acumen
Customer Service
B2B Presentation
Market Benchmark
My everyday life
(Brand, Graphic, Interior)
Hunting for vintage home decor
Playing Basketball & Tennis
Cooking & enjoying a good meal with friends
DIYing furniture
I've helped coordinate the production of a scene from the new Transformers movie. 
Work Experience  UX DESIGN
UX/UI Designer

Skytech Communications

Educational Tech

  • Conducted and facilitated comprehensive user research activities, extracting valuable insights to optimize the end-user experience by leading workshops to generate innovative solutions, guiding project teams and ensuring the delivery of high-quality UX design projects.
  • Developed a Design System based on Material Design standards, enhancing consistency and efficiency.
  • Translated low-fidelity requirements into high-fidelity prototypes, facilitating alignment on features and functionality among stakeholders. Created versatile designs for diverse contexts and devices, emphasizing hierarchies and user flows.

Current job

Work Experience  MARKETING & CX DESIGN
Regional Project leader 
Marketing & Digital experiences

Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL)

Operators of Ivanhoé Cambridge retail properties across Canada.

  • Managed and coordinated 6 digital product launches for Quebec's shopping centres based on an Agile methodology, incorporating UX writing standardization [Fr + En], conducting comprehensive updates to web content and optimizing user experience.
  • Developed strategies to attract and identify new markets by conducting market research.

nov. 2021 - nov. 2022

CX consultant
Marketing and user experience

Ivanhoe Cambridge

Real Estate, Restauration & Enternainment

  • Crafted and reinforced the strategic vision to facilitate clients' and workers' return rates, with a strong focus on user-centric experience —  including the enhancement of the overall client experience by mapping the primary persona's journey and integrating it into a House of Brands portfolio."
  • Established an internal approach to collect user insights from tenants, including pain points, behaviours, and objectives, aiming to improve the overall user experience.

jan. 2021 - nov. 2021

Branding & CX coordinator
360 brand experience

Aubainerie & AUB44

Fashion & Home Decor

  • Revitalized over 12 brand identities through the creation of comprehensive 360 strategies, maintaining harmony and consistency between digital and physical channels, incorporating UX writing standardization [Fr + En], art direction and visual content [Photo + Video].
  • Drove subscribers loyalty and boosted new subscriptions by analyzing customer behaviours and objectives, leveraging cutting-edge data-driven segmentation, resulting in empowered personalized visual content and laser-focused UX writing to enhance customer engagement.

may 2017 - jan 2021

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